Interview with Thomas Brune


We had the pleasure of speaking with workshop manager Thomas Brune from Montbrun Mécanique. The workshop manufactures and repairs old motorbike parts – mainly for private individuals, but also for companies in the construction and agricultural sectors. Thomas Brune became familiar with FORMAT tools during his apprenticeship and has been a loyal user of our products ever since.

Thomas Brune was also one of the lucky winners of our Christmas prize draw last December.


FORMAT France:

Today we are welcomed by Thomas Brune at Montbrun Mécanique in the Ardèche. Thomas Brune is the lucky winner of our FORMAT Christmas raffle on LinkedIn.   

Hello Thomas, thank you for welcoming us to your workplace in the Ardèche today. Can you briefly introduce yourself and your company? 


Thomas Brune:

Thank you very much and thank you again for the win!  

Well, first of all, hello everyone! So, as Mr Seban said, we are in my company Montbrun Mécanique. I exclusively manufacture and repair old motorbike parts. My customers are mainly private customers, but there are also times when I am hired by companies in the construction or agricultural sectors, but mainly private customers. 


FORMAT France:

Can you tell us something about your know-how?  


Thomas Brune:

I’ll show you my workplace today.   

We start with the internal-external cylindrical grinding machine; to finish a workpiece, it has to be ground after heat treatment, known as case hardening. Here I have a crankpin for a motorbike that I have just ground.  

Then there’s the lapping machine, which I can use to work on small diameters and parts that I can’t grind with my whetstone.  

Then there are some more classic tools, such as the milling machine or the lathe.  


FORMAT France:

Perfect. Thank you very much, Thomas, for giving us a first presentation of your company. Do you remember how you found out about their brand FORMAT? Or rather, how did you become aware of the brand FORMAT? 


Thomas Brune:

During my high-school diploma in machining technology at the Fabre high school in Carpentras, a representative from Depetri (a member of FORMAT France) came to provide us with tools for the classroom.   

I got on very well with the representative straight away and when he left, he gave me a FORMAT catalogue. That’s how I got to know FORMAT.    


FORMAT France:

How do you rate the quality of our products?  


Thomas Brune:

I think that the quality is very similar to other popular brands. 

To be honest, the price-performance ratio is the interesting part.   

After all, I’m really happy with the entire range.  

Also, my next product purchase from FORMAT will be a 3D probe.  


FORMAT France:

FORMAT would like to thank our readers and especially Thomas for welcoming us to his workplace.  


Thomas Brune:



Are you also interested in FORMAT products from Depetri? Take a look at the Depetri store:

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