Sesam Box

The SESAM Box offers flexible solutions for contactless goods delivery and collection at own or third-party locations for permanent and easy provision of tools and work utensils.



Modern delivery processes in industry and trade are increasingly demand-driven. This means that tools and work utensils must be available on an agile basis depending on work requirements: independent of location and time. In order to achieve this flexibility, delivery must also be able to be designed flexibly and must not be restricted by limited delivery acceptance times, for example.

Sesam Box


The only question is where can deliveries be deposited transparently and securely, remaining accessible round the clock?  This is where the SESAM Box comes in: the SESAM Box is a robust and burglar-proof parcel box for receiving goods, which is set up on site at the delivery recipient’s premises. The boxes can be placed indoors or outdoors. With the help of an individual QR code, the box is opened and thus ensures the contactless and secure handover of deliveries. Depending on the size of the package, different versions of the Sesam Box can be used.

The SESAM Box can be filled by all standard logistics service providers and can be used without a power connection or Internet access. With the SESAM Box, you set up the reception requirements so that deliveries are always transparent and (theft) secure. Access management is fully automated and every goods handover process is recorded and documented in time. Completely integrated into your logistics system.

Sesam Box


The main advantage of the SESAM Box is the contactless delivery of goods to your own company locations, even outside business hours. This means that industrial sites, craft businesses or construction sites can also be supplied at night, for example. Flexible, contactless delivery saves resources and capacity among the company’s own employees, who no longer have to accept deliveries in person. This increases process efficiency within the company.

In addition, the SESAM Box is the effective link between online ordering and offline delivery and also offers greater convenience and security for the ordering customer. In addition to these service benefits, the simple administration and complete integrability of the SESAM Box in ERP or TMS systems leads to higher customer loyalty.

Sesam Box
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