ETT BASIC vending machine

Satisfy individual needs on site – simple, direct and flexible – without complex processes, long waiting times and high investments.



While complex procurement systems are predominantly used in industry, the requirements in craft enterprises and small businesses are often different: Very flexible needs must be met quickly and directly. The new ETT BASIC automatic vending machine meets these requirements by being easy to operate and satisfying changing needs quickly and simply.

Employee at work


The ETT BASIC is a dispensing machine that is set up on site at the user’s premises and holds various tools and work utensils. By holding out an RFID chip, the desired product can be selected and a compartment of the vending machine opens and, for example, a drill set can be taken out. One more grip and the desired hand tool is also ready for use. The easy handling and quick changeability of the tools in the vending machine are important steps to optimally meet the flexible requirements of the customers. In order to be able to react quickly to demand, we have added the ETT BASIC to our stock. This ensures that the system can be put into operation at the customer’s site within two to three days.

ETT BASIC vending machine


With the new ETT BASIC vending machine, companies get a solution that makes it easy for them to keep track of the work materials they need and to organize replenishment. The combinations of compartments can be freely configured and thus everything from small parts to hand tools to precision tools can find its place. The specially developed software can be installed independently and maintenance or further support of the system is not necessary. Our Supply Networks/Industrial Service team is on hand to answer any questions or provide training as usual. Format Partners can obtain the ETT BASIC from the E/D/E warehouse with a delivery time of two days.

Employee at work
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