Practical knowledge for professionals Basics of measuring technology – correct measuring with calipers


Precision is essential for every professional in industry and trade. Various measuring instruments and methods can be used to determine geometric or physical quantities. In our new series of topics, we present practical knowledge about measurement technology. We start with the best-known hand-held measuring tool: the caliper gauge.

What is a caliper
The caliper gauge is a hand-held measuring tool that can be used for external, internal, depth and step measurements. Two adjustable legs can be used to determine the dimensions of the outer diameter of workpieces, for example. Different calipers are required depending on the area of application. There are also both analogue calipers and digital calipers that show the measured value on a display.

How are calipers used?
External measurement: The workpiece to be measured is clamped between the legs. The movable measuring leg is fixed in place using the locking screw.
Internal measurement: The upper measuring arm is used for this. The fixed measuring leg is positioned in front of the movable measuring leg on the inside edge. Used, for example, to measure hollow objects.
Depth measurement: The measuring rod is used here. This is an extension at the end of the caliper. The measuring rod is guided to the deepest point of the hole for depth measurement.

In general, please note:
– Clean and burr-free measuring and test surfaces are mandatory!
– Avoid parallax errors when reading off!
– Measurement deviations are possible due to temperature influences, excessive measuring force and inclined positioning of the measuring device!

The caliper gauge can be picked up quickly and easily at any time. Despite its simple operation, the caliper gauge guarantees high measuring accuracy. It is also made of a robust material and is therefore particularly durable.
Contact your FORMAT dealer for more information on our wide range of calipers.

Take a look at our website for more information on our digital calipers:

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