FORMAT NC compact clamp FKS


The versatile FKS NC compact clamp from FORMAT is ideal for robust use in machining centres. The steel base body and the guides are hardened and ground and the clamping slides with cross grooves are also hardened on all sides.

The clamping system of the compact clamp is equipped with a sturdy chip guard that prevents chips from entering the interior of the body. Two grease nipples are used to lubricate all guides and spindle mesh that are subject to wear. The clamping range can also be extended by turning the clamping jaws.

All information at a glance:
EAN: 4317784512657
Manual operation of the mechanical clamping system with force intensifier
Drive spindle with clamping force presetting
Supplied with fixed and movable stepped jaws
Features chip protection and grease nipples on both sides

If you are interested in the FORMAT NC compact clamp, please contact your local FORMAT dealer

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